When the temperatures are low, sunshine is rare and you’re constantly battling with the wind and rain, it’s often tempting to hide your dry and lifeless locks under a hat or a hood. It doesn’t need to be like that though if you follow these three easy beauty steps to winter perfect hair. Using products enriched with natural oils that all cost just a £1, achieving enviously healthy locks is simple.

Keep it Conditioned: During the cooler seasons when the humidity is low, your hair can often start to feel very dry and brittle. Conditioning your hair every time you wash it is a sure fire way of maintaining soft, shiny, strong and smooth hair however, finding the right conditioner for your hair type and knowing how often you should wash your hair is crucial. Most conditioners tell you on the bottle what hair type they are for so follow this advice carefully and if you’re not sure, use one that says it’s for all hair types or normal hair. Try not to wash your hair too often as many products can strip away the natural oils that keep it healthy and strong, making it limp and lifeless. Washing it every 2 to 3 days will avoid this as will using products containing natural oils like argan and macadamia nut. Why not try the Macadamia Oil Extract Conditioner specially formulated to rehydrate and rejuvenate all hair types? Alternatively, try the Argan Oil Conditioner and see the instant results of using this Moroccan miracle oil to smooth and soften locks.

Protect it Against Heat: Many of us put more effort into styling our hair in the winter months when a natural beach-ready look is out of fashion. Whether you’re straightening, drying or curling your locks, using a protectant spray is the key to locking in your style and preventing your hair from drying out under the extreme heat from appliances. Spray on some Creightons Frizz No More Sleek & Shine Miracle Serum before styling to achieve lustrous and lasting results. The special formula includes smoothing argan oil and moisturising meadowfoam seed oil which aid in reducing dryness whilst adding shine. Suitable to use on all hair types including colour treated hair, it’s a great product to use all year round as it also helps combat unwanted frizz in high humidity.

Revive it with a Nourishing Treatment: Giving your hair a much needed treat once a week will keep it constantly revived and ready to battle any weather change. If you are having a lazy Sunday at home, shampoo your hair and then gently massage in a nourishing hair mask like the Argan Oil Hydrating Mask . Formulated with extra proteins and keratins to fortify hair follicles and natural argan oil to smooth out frizz, leave it in for 20-30 minutes a week to help strengthen and improve the texture of your hair. For an equally as intense treatment that you can use more frequently, try rubbing a few drops of Argan Oil Hair Treatment into damp hair before you style it. The Macadamia Oil Extract Treatment also tackles unwanted frizz and moisturises dry hair with the aid of natural anti-oxidant, Vitamin E, and non-greasy macadamia oil.