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    Summer is well and truly here and for many, that means it’s time to be jetting off to exotic destinations or taking a well-deserved break closer to home. Unfortunately, going away whether for a weekend or a couple of weeks will mean you are limited on what you can take with you. Packing the whole kitchen sink is definitely not an option but you still want to look and feel great while away. Compromise on that toiletries checklist by keeping your wash bag filled with these five essential items:

    A good moisturiser: Whether you’re off to warmer climes and plan on spending time lying in the sun, or you are heading down to the wintery southern hemisphere, a good moisturiser is a must. Great for cooling sunburn and keeping skin hydrated after being in sea and pool water, it’s also essential for colder destinations with drier air and lower humidity.

    A luscious conditioner: Hair can be far more frizz prone in the summer heat and can also suffer if you are regularly going into salty sea water or pools with high chlorine content. Invest in a deep moisturising conditioner and comb it through your hair, rinsing it off with cold water to lock in moisture.

    A pot of Vaseline: Vaseline is great for many things- not just keeping your lips hydrated. A product that’s been around for over a century, the petroleum jelly formula can also be used to soothe cracked skin and red noses in cold weather as well as helping to heal sunburn in the heat. Alternatively, use it to highlight cheeks bones, make your eyelashes look longer and thicker (make sure to use the plain formula for this) or to smooth down eyebrows.

    Baby wipes: If you’re sitting in the sun all day wearing sun cream, your skin can become greasy and clogged up. Wipe away any dirt with a soothing baby wipe which is also great for removing any eye makeup in the evenings. Baby wipes are made to be used on sensitive baby skin, meaning they aren’t full of chemicals or other irritants. They can also be used to freshen you up if you are camping somewhere without showers and are great for wiping hands clean if you are on the move.

    Your favourite cleanser: This goes hand in hand with the baby wipes and moisturiser and is essential for keeping your skin feeling fresh and clean while away from home. Most of us will have a favourite cleanser that we like to use all the time and won’t like to risk buying an alternative brand from a foreign pharmacy or supermarket. For the summer, choose a light fruity scented cleanser that will clean out blocked pores and brighten up your skin tone.

    19 Jun 2016 16:34:42 By Jemima Forbes Make-up & beauty Health

    The temperatures may be rising slower than we’d like but summer really is just round the corner. With more time spent outdoors and definitely lighter clothing an option, our skin is subject to a whole number of elements that can be damaging; chlorine from swimming pools, moisture-sucking salt in sea water, excessive sweat from heat and not to mention the sun’s potentially harmful rays. With that in mind, it’s time to start preparing our skin for the change in season and there is no better way to do this then by following these five easy tips:

    Water: Whether it’s to drink or to wash in, water is a very important element that’ll keep your skin hydrated and healthy in the warmer season. If your spending more time outdoors at the beach, poolside or on walking in the sunshine, you’ll be sweating more than usual to cool yourself down. Sweat can clog pours and cause break outs so it’s important to shower regularly to cleanse the skin or impurities. Drinking lots of water will also help keep your skin moisturised and clear as well as preventing headaches caused by dehydration.

    Always Wear SPF: Slathering on the sun cream may not be practical or pleasant to do every day but it is essential to protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays that can burn your skin and cause cancer and premature ageing. A lot of facial moisturisers now contain SPF and are great every day alternatives to sun cream that are usually less greasy and thick.

    Moisturise: After swimming in chlorinated swimming pools, bathing in salty ocean water, sweating doing outdoor activities and consequently showering more regularly, skin can begin to feel dry and lack lustre. Moisturise your entire body after washing to rejuvenate the skin and soothe any unfortunate sun burn.

    Exfoliate- Sweat, sun cream and make up can heavily clog pours but are hard to avoid using altogether. Allow your skin some breathing room by investing in a gentle exfoliator and use it at least three times a week to clean out pores and leave your skin feeling smooth. You can even get scrubs to use on your whole body in the shower or alternatively make your own out of household items like olive oil and sugar.

    Always Carry Lip Balm: Never neglect your lips. If they’re exposed to the sun’s rays then they’ll get dry and chapped quickly. Always carry round a pot of Vaseline, a stick of Lypsyl or another moisturising lip balm and apply it regularly throughout the day.

    24 Apr 2016 17:36:57 By Jemima Forbes Make-up & beauty Health
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